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Zanfan Koraï (Mauritian creole for “children of the coral”) unites artist with different backgrounds to produce diverse and authentic musical projects. We rely heavily on live recording and improvisation. Our sound evolves constantly, but some call it afro-fusion.

We all see music as a mode of communication to our inner selves, to the environment and as an agent of change. We're greatly concerned about the future of our planet and are tired to live in a society teaming with disconnected people. Zanfan Koraï seeks to provoke independent thought, build a community committed to shaping the future and to living sustainably.



Boris "boz" Mayer

I experiment with plants, food and music. I have the privilege to lead and produce Zanfan Koraï, a mosaic of artists, a project close to nature and near to my heart, an endeavour that bursts with creativity and that knows no boundaries!


Kayode "wu" Nwanze

I play keys for Zanfan Korai. When I’m  not trying to find weird new synth sounds, I work in tech and I’m always curious about the balance between environment and technology. Also, I tend to cook with a lot of cumin.


Mathieu "maraf" Raffray

My vision is give more, take less. Nature & Music are rooted in my veins. The vibrations of chords transmit to me joy, bring me to share and listen


Nadine "natheen" Chelin

I play the percussions with Zanfan Koraï - my specialty is the triangle, played the Mauritian way. I’m a pottery artist and pottery teacher based in Montreal.


Derek "al jamoun" Troiano

Aside from music, I’m a researcher in sustainability using the tools of engineering, chemistry, and biology. Sustainability is my greatest passion along with I dog Margaret


I grew up in a music family and when the opportunity came knocking, I wanted to be part of the musical journey of Zanfan Korai


Eric "bam" Ducray

Born and raised in Mauritius I have always been exposed to various cultures. Although music has always been present in my life, I only started learning percussion when I was about 25 but I like to see it as a universal language that communicates feelings beyond words


Dylen "farmer" Nair

To envision, create and share an afro infused musical journey. The path will be rocked by heavy African drums vibration


Dwijesh "dean" Bhageerutty

I’m a Montreal-based tabla student, originally from Mauritius, training as a classical player as well as playing sega style. Outside of music, I’m a software engineer, developing AI applications for the automotive industry.


Alexandre "veez" Michaud

I believe that music is the color of the world. With Zanfan Korai, it is truly a privilege to be able to paint the world a little bit brighter.

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