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Phyzion is the second self-produced album by Zanfan Koraï that explores genres with leading basslines, hindi percussions on african 6/8 rhythms mixed with funky guitar, jazzy keys with psychadelic, reggae and electro vibes. Like many songs from Zanfan Koraï, the album was recorded "live" in one take to capture the energy of african improvisation.

The word phyzion is the phonetic translation of the word "fusion" in Mauritian creole. Written with "phyzio" for "physio" = "nature", phyzion is a raw album that cuts through to the roots of musical expression.  

Musicians  Boris Mayer, Kayode Nwanze, Derek Troiano, Nadine De Marcy Chelin, Sivarathna Manick, Dwijesh Bhageerutty, Dylen Nair, Alexandre Michaud, Eric Ducray


Production and sound engineering  Boris Mayer

Texts  Boris Mayer

Visual artwork  Boris Mayer

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