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Ler mo leve ki mo touve
Lesiel, la limier traverse feyaz 
Mo senti moi revigore
Mo sentiman e mo nam leve 

Etahe mo crie
Mo crie, mo touve
Celebre mo vivan
Be couillonade pe leve
Later pe krie
Nou mem nou pe mor 
Ki couillonade sa?
Ki nou pe fer?

Ler mo guetter kot sa lamer
Kot li pe brille mo touve mo fitir
Kan mo senti later enba mo lipie
Ki mo compran ki mo vivan

Etahe mo krie
Mo krie mo lamem
Ale-vini sentiman
Ki nou kaav fer?
Etahe monwar
Compran ki ete 
Etahe matlo
Ki bizin contan?

Mo ferm mo lizie mo senti moi
Senti moi reve ki mo dan lesiel
Ki mo finn fer lor mo later?
Dan nou latet nou zozo lao 

Ki nou pou crie?
Crie nou riye
Crie nou pli la
Laveni ti dan nou lame
Sentiman pile
Santiman tuye
Etahe guetter
Etahe get laveni



It's when I get up that I see

The sky, the sunlight going through the canopy
I feel envigorated

My feelings puch my soul to rise

Hey I shout
I shout that I see
Celerate than I'm alive
But terrible things are happening
The earth is crying
We are all dying
What's going on?
What are we doing?

When I look where is the see
Where it is shinig I see my future
It's when I feel the soil under my feet
That I understand that I'm alive

Hey I shout
I shout that I'm here
All those mixed feeling
What can we do?
Hey my friend
Understand what's goign on
Hey my friend
What should we be happy about?

When I close my eyes, I feel that
I feel that I dream that I'm in the sky
What have I done on my planet?
In our heads we're just miles away

What will we shout?
We sout and we laugh
We shout that we're not there
The future was in our hand
My feelings are crushed
My feelings are killing me
Hey just look at it
Hey just look at our future


boz: bass, vocals

wu: keys

jamoun: guitar

shiva: mridangam 

farmer: djembe

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