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Outside In is the first self-produced album by Zanfan Koraï that addresses the destructive power of our delusional civilization.


Featuring various recordings of nature in Mauritius, we contrast the disconnection between our everyday comfort and the mass destruction we encourage.

We created a world that fits between four walls. From outside, we draw what we want and throw out our waste. We consume, ignorant to the damage we inflict to the outside. But inside can only exist within outside. Let’s reconnect with reality and let the outside in.

Musicians  Boris Mayer, Kayode Nwanze, Mathieu Raffray, Derek Troiano, Nadine De Marcy Chelin, Sivarathna Manick, Eric Ducray

Texts Boris Mayer

Production and sound engineering  Boris Mayer

Visual artwork  Mathieu Raffray

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