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Ler la limier sorti mo touve
Enn lesiel verni ki briye
Ler la briz leve mo touve
Enn lamer verni ki briye


Sentiman lespri pe leve
Tou mo maler, mo blie
Kifer nou ferm nou lizie?
Kifer nou pa touve sa ki nou perdi?


Sa ki nou koner polie
Tou sa ki nou koner polie
Nou pou kontign piker

Sal dissan la ter
Nou tou pe deverse nou maler


When the light gets out I see
A glazed sky that shines
When the winds wakes up I see
A glazed sea that shines


My feelings and spirit rise
All my sorrows, I forget
Why do we shut our eyes?
Why don't we see what we are losing?


What we know is polluted
Everything we know is polluted
We will continue to inject

contaminate the planet's blood
We are all dumping our sorrow


boz: lead guitar, vocals, udu

wu: piano, synth, clave

maraf: bass, ravanne

natheen: triangle

jamoun: guitar, shakers

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