Modern Savory

Kan mo ti zenfan, mo pa ti compren
Ki kan nou vinn gran nou bizin ploye
Fer se ki bizin pou sa sistem la
Pa gagn drwa tro reflesi

Dimoun ape dir ki l’esclavaz fini
Dir moi ki swa ena dan nou lavi?
Fer se ki zot dir nou pou nou gagn kass
Nou konn vende nou liberte

Kan mo ti zenfan mo pa ti compren
Ki lecole 1 lizinn ki fer piece ar dimoun
Défil lor tapi roulan pass control kalite
Ou rezete

Creativite ce enn l’ennemi
Tay toi enn manier sinon zot perdi
Fer toi pass miser soi disan
"Pou to reissi to lavi"

Kan mo ti zenfan mo pa ti compren
Aster ki mo pli vié mo bien fatigué
Arrête casse la tet
Nou tou bien beser
Be alor, be alor

Mem si nou pé kraz tou pou met feraille
Nou kappav casiet andan 4 miray
Ena nou lecran ki fer nou reve
Abe ki arive?

When I was a child, I did not understand
That when we grow older, we have to fold
Do what has to be done for this system
We don't have the right to really think

People say that slavery is over
Tell me what choice do you have in your life?
Do what we are told so we get money
We know how to sell our freedom

When I was a child, I did not understand
That school is a factory that makes parts with people
Ride on the conveyor belt, pass quality control
Or you're a reject

Creativity is an ennemy
Sculpt you a certain way, otherwise it sinks
Make you suffer, apprently
"For your life to be a success"

When I was a child, I did not understand
Now that I'm older I'm quite tired
Stop worrying about these things,
we are all doomed anyway
So what, so what

Even if we're crushing everything to put tin
We can still hide within our four walls
We have our screens to make us dream
So, what's the problem?

boz: guitar, vocals

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